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Published 19.2.2020

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Dressage model M3 exclusive:►►► https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/produkty/dressage-special-m3-on-panels-with-thermoactive-gel/

All our products are produce in our firm in Czech republic.

Published 31.1.2020

M2 dressage model in modern design golden-black

►►► http://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/produkty/dressage-special-m2-on-panels-with-thermoactive-gel/

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Published 28.1.2020

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Published 10.12.2019


We look forward to seeing you in Prague! We will present all flexisaddles models in various design collection and other products of Baloun brand.

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Published 5.11.2019


Contact us: https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/contact/

Published 14.10.2019

The flexisaddle Baloun® allows horses freedom of movement

Flexisaddle Baloun® has a flexible tree, weights only 3,5 kg. We produce it and fit on horses already 13 years.
Jumping flexisaddles : ►►► https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/kategorie-produktu/jumping-exclusive/
Dressage flexisaddle ►►►https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/kategorie-produktu/dressage-exclusive/
Look how the flexisaddle works on the horse: ►►►https://www.facebook.com/333108870179206/videos/912766715546749/

Published 18.9.2019

Der Flexisattel Baloun® ermöglicht den Pferden freie Bewegung

Wir produzieren ihn schon seit 13 Jahren und passen ihn an Pferde an.
Springen flexisattel: https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/kategorie-produktu/jumping-exclusive/

Dressur flexisattel: https://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/kategorie-produktu/dressage-exclusive/

Der Flexisattel Baloun® auf dem Pferd: https://www.facebook.com/333108870179206/videos/912895165533904/

Published 18.9.2019

The trekking flexisaddle brings maximum comfort for a long horseback riding tours for both, horse and rider.


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Published 17.7.2019

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Jumping model M3 in new limited edition
GREY METALLIC ►►►http://baloun-flexisaddles.cz/en/produkty/jumping-universal-m3-with-thermo-gel/

Published 25.6.2019