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Model no. 2

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The HALF-CHAPS are made of a fine leather inside out. They are soft but still able to keep their shape. They ensure a comfort of the rider and a good contact with the horse. The original design of the upper layer includes a faux croco leather, which looks very elegant.
The HALF-CHAPS are suitable for both, competitive and pleasure riding.
For an easier zipping, the 3 cm-elastic with the zipper is moved more to the outside. A quality Velcro at the bottom ensures an easy closure. It has a better longevity than studs, in our opinion based on experience.
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Colors: black, mocca
Velour: black, brown
CROCO: black, brown, bordeaux red, beige, brown snakeskin
There is an extra charge for custom made HALF-CHAPS.
Because it is a fashion news and due to our limited stock of the new materials, all models are made in a Limited Edition.